Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To My Ever So Love Twin Lakes....

Dear My Love twin Lakes,

oh.oh.oh. my God....
My beloved ever sooo Love Twin Lakes..

I don't even know how to describe you...I remember I was about 8 weeks pregnant
and we could not find a decent, cheap rental house in illinois and we kept looking at
the newspaper and found one here in Twin Lakes..
and we don't even exactly sure where was it...we got lost about twice,
and we found you...

First house we saw, first house I love.....my hubby kept telling me, we are going
to keep looking (at that time).....i kept thinking about you, and the excitement
is just feels great...like you know, when you wanted something so badly...
you just need to have it, or to be there....

i like the house, i have a few complains about the storage because God knows
how much stuff we got....men oh men! but the place...
Twin Lakes feels sooooooooooo much home to me...
Like a buddy..yah know...

I love the neighborhood, I mean, 5,000 population, one decent grocery store,
or you can drive about 10 miles and be in town for more option, library,
church....good-friendly people, lots of restaurants.....though honestly
i didn't have the chance to visit and check-out a lot of it...someday...

after I gave birth to my son, we took him here and I experienced a roller coaster
emotion, I was one of those woman who does not like visitor after giving birth, why?
because I don't have the strenght and energy to clean and the house
was just a mess every where i turn my head.....i am embarass...
and no one is there to help me clean up...
though my hubby is a good cook, he is a good messer too...

oh well...

Before that, when I was pregnant with Ozzie, I was about 7 months preggers
I was so upset with Jeff because I wanted to go to church that Sunday and he gave me a million excuses, i decided to take a walk and sort of explore this small town, I know where church is.....its about 30-40 minutes walk, maybe longer when you were pregnant...LOL

and there I met Emma, a 67 year old lady who was born in the Philippines
and gave me a lot of confusing stories about her life...she took me home and
to make the long story short...we became friends..

anyways...as Ozzie started growing up and me feeling bored, i thought
of exploring quite a bit more, this time, how long it'll take us to walk from
grocery store, Sentry, and its across the street of the church so basically same distance, its just take a little bit longer because I am pushing his stroller....

also, this place helped me build so much happy memories with my sister, with benya
especially on their first visit, i wasn't feel so hopeless and useless at that time because
there's a place to go if we want something, especially food, my sister has a very special and passion in cooking and we shared a lot, i mean super a LOT of laughters in every isle of that lovely grocery store.....every walked that we made as we shares all our hopes, dreams and looking back in our childhood and even in adult life, how we miss
our dear brother back home and how it would have been so much fun if he'll be here with us laughing our ass of...just the thought of that makes our hearts melts...

I knew since then that I am started to build a very special relationship in this
place, in this special town... I love that breeze every morning, it really ease all your stress and even you feel a little sad that day, this little town embrace me with love every single day...
even i just walk out to get the mail and I look all the trees, my neighbors who
I really don't know well but I know they are kind people....

Home sweet home indeed...

I will promise with the help of our Loving Creator that once I started driving, I will come to visit you, and I am delighted when I share to my husband Jeff how much I love you and he actually consider living back there someday, and ohh..just the thought of that makes me smile...so we'll definitely be together again...

So stay as beautiful as you and continue loving all the great people there....

you're always be in my heart my loving Twin Lakes...

I will see you soon...i miss you already.

Lake Elizabeth and Lake Mary...(Twin Lakes)

Dear St. John Church

Dear St. John,

Thank you for all the opportunities!
You have made me and Jeff closer
because of our Faith..

Thank you for all the great ladies
who look after the kids so the parents
will be able to spend a peaceful time
with God and themselves...

You always have been one of the greatest
gift that God has given me since we moved
in Twin Lakes....you have this huge heart
who embrace me everytime I visit you...

And I promise I will continue
visiting you....I will...I promise..

(i honestly didn't realized until i made
this post that the date in the board
was mine and my sister's birthday..wow!)

Hello Hickory Road.....

Dear Hickory Road,

~~thanks for all the memories,
though we weren't super close
with our neighbors, I always feel
so comfortable knowing, people
who lives in our street are kind
and most of days chances you
see someone walking...would say Hi and
gives you smile :)

its a very quiet neighborhood,
though across the street, lives
a very young couple who happened
their house turned into seem
a wild party house, and accidentally
hit our family van.

thank God for my husband's guts
to talk and address and finally
everything was settled and that was
a relieve...

i also met two lovely ladies who takes
care of our mails who of course
very important to me because
I do my business, shopping, and more
on-line, I consciously build a good
relationship to them.

Its just lovely to meet good people.
you don't have to know everything about them..
you just believe in your heart that
that there so many good hearted people
here on earth and if you let them come into your heart :)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creative Imagination :)

~~When we were on the process of moving
Ozzie just love to play with lots and lots
of boxes, there were times that I have to hide
it from him if he was not looking or if he is asleep.

coz he'll just throw a tantrums and
as everyone knows that moving is not the most fun
thing to do.....

but since the stress is pretty much under
control or at least trying to be right until now,
i am always fascinated to see him play with all
these boxes as if they were really talking
back to him and I know that was his
creative imagination...

would that be nice to excatly know
what's really going on in their young mind?

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Having Fun is a Choice and need a little bit of hardwork too :)

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all the possibilities of Fun!

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