Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let it snow..Let it snow...let it snow..

Yesterday, Friday (Feb.1,2008)

We had a 7-8 inches of snow,

Thought, this would be the best day

to take Ozzie outside, did a little of "snow angel",

obviously he's too baby for that yet,

so I just took a picture of him on the snow.

He was laughing, giggling non-stop while we

were was actually nice, 20 degrees.

Was not super cold. So we totally had a blast!

Ozzie's First Christmas

VIDEO!!! Ozzie & Daddy on Christmas Day

Ozzie gave His dad this "My Daddy's hand Frame"

it's actually pretty cool! Jeff just love it :-)

Ozzie & mommy on Christmas day

Ozzie's Baptism~ December 23,2007

Ozzie and Godfather/Godbrother Mike

Ozzie wearing Santa's Hat

How cute is that huh?

Ozzie singin' the high Note! :-)

Don't forget the lyrics?

Our Anniversary Menu





FILET MIGNON (yum-oh!)

Our 3rd Year Anniversary

We usually celebrate our Anniversary on New Year's Eve, with the continuation on January First, this year we decided to just have it in our home since this is our first anniversary that we have our dear baby Ozzie, besides there was a really bad snow storm, and I hate going outside especially with a baby in a not-so-good weather.
As usual, my very nice husband who for me is the best cook in the world plan the meal,
I just have a few request like fresh oyster and caviar, two days ago we just had lobster and crab legs so we thought just to have a roast or steak....
Oh well, while we had our fabulous dinner with candle lights, our son, fell asleep which is of course a perfect timing :-)
That was a lovely night...

VIDEO !!!!! Ozzie (I think) said "Good"..

December 25, 2007

It was morning of Christmas day, Ozzie and I still in our PJ's, I've decided to grab the video and ask him how's his sleep? And as you may notice, I think he said "good"...wat yah think?