Monday, September 30, 2013




This place has been a very comforting zone for me. In many ways.

I kind of owe it to a friend who introduced me to countless benefits

just for signing up. Its all free, and the rental days goes in about a week

for DVD's, Blu-Rays and 2 weeks for books etc.

Can't beat that, though you must pay $1 if you missed to return it on time.


Today, I decided to signed up for voluntary work. They not seem to need

anyone as of this moment but due to approaching holidays they normally

kept the names of people on file, in case they may need a set of hands

on busy times.


Back being my comfort zone, there were times that I just want to go somewhere.

Not in store. Nor to spend money. Just some place.

What can be a better place than Library.

I love going to Adoration Chapel too. And I still do.

Its just here, has nothing to do with spirituality,

just a space that allows me to be alone with my thought, be in a quiet place,

that everyone respects everyone. (by being quiet of course lol)


Totally I Heart my McHenry Library.


HIGHLIGHTS:  * Its another gorgeous day in McHenry!

                           * Met Kelli, from our bank that explains well about my account.

                           * Did not over-eat today.

                           * Finally done reading Fifty Shades. (And left me hangin'. Argh.)

                           * Rachael Ray and her easy-to-follow-recipes.


LOW's :  * Oz left his folder who knows where.

               * Had a little meltdown about frustration being unemployed.




Sunday, September 29, 2013



Since I have been pretty much spending sometime with friends for a few weekends now, I have decided to stay home this weekend. Jeff had some projects that I am actually considering to be a part of, only because it regards within improving the house. Like painting the deck, cleaning up all the dead plants etc. And since I have been seriously bitching about clutter and all stuff-that-brings-negativity-in-every-space-of-this-house, might as well, be a part of the lets-do-this-action! Painting the deck. Epic Failed. There was something wrong with Jeff's Spray Paint Tools or whatever that called. What have you! Considered it was a stress-free Saturday. Decided to looked up at a car in Rockford, when we got closed (its about more an hour drive) the seller informed us that the car was no longer for sale! What a bunch of crap! Then we decided since we already in Rockford area, might as well pay a visit to a Chinese buffet called Hong Kong Buffet, only we found out it was closed! what a night so far huh? Then contacted another seller from Craigslist (Jeff happened to print out more car listed) and found one in the area. Another epic failed. Car looked like would just cause a head-ache. But the couple are so sweet and quite kind I must say. Home late and hit the bed so happily!

HIGHLIGHT: Great Dinner, Awesome food at Gold Chop Stick's Buffet

LOW's : Not finishing painting the deck =(


Woken up with Jeff's and Sky's footsteps. It was 6am. Like really.
The only chance to slept-in and its so not happening.
But I see it that hmmm... could be  a good sign!

Considering, Oz still asleep. I do have an option though, to take advantage of this moment to read Fifty Shades (since I'm longing for Monday to have a "quiet moment" so I can be with this book) or struggle to go back to bed. I got excited with the thought to engross my self to see what happen next with this oh-mi-oh-my-story. Quickly get up and made my self a cup of coffee.

Oz got up around 8am and just perfect timing to finished a few more paragraphs then another chapter is sweetly done =) till tomorrow. Of course. And oh by the way, I'm on the last Chapter, part of me is kind of sad, but lighten up with the thought about the other two more parts of this book. Yay!

Back to painting the deck in mid-afternoon. Its a perfect day. Sunny. A little surprised of breeze here and there. 70's. And today I am proud to say. The Unfinished Business is now Finished.

Usual mommy-son evening routine. Will enjoy a green tea before bed, maybe watch that new series on ABC, Betrayal. and tomorrow is once again. Monday. Yay?

HIGHLIGHTS:  Finished painting the deck! woo-hoo! (check-out pix)
                           Blogging galore! lol
LOW's :    Didn't do anything to any household-related.
                 Soaked up too much but happy do computer-internet-related stuff.


SEPT. 27, 2013

Normal mommy morning. Ozzie off to school while me, headed to Adoration Chapel and have attended a mass today. Its gorgeous out. As everyone talks about it. Two more days embracing a warm weather. In the 80's on September. Pretty cool =)

I have always had mixed emotions every time I have too long waiting hours on pace bus. Thank God I have a friend, thanks Ate J's! For forever my 1-800 dial a friend kind of bestie to me! Truly, gratefully appreciates it more than you know! Home and realized I do have a more than an hour to soaked my self to continue reading Fifty Shades. Hah! And so I did and locked myself into thought of this enduring story.

Until Ozzie gets home. Been busy with Sky. Trimming her nails. Pulling every bit of my strength as I gave her a bath. Darn she gotten so big in a year! Evening ends as I enjoyed a lovely conversation with Ate J's.

HIGHLIGHTS: seeing Glady's at Church bookstore and she gave me info's about therapy that might help Ozzie with his behavior.

LOW's: struggling mixed emotions having Sky (our wild yet super smart Labrador puppy) will be staying up here on the upper side of the house. (hate the maintenance of having a huge, too-much-hair-shedding-dog but love her though!)


I have been thinking of blogging again for a while now. So here I am, blogging away...once again! There's so many things that I want to share to world and all, this time, I'm back hopefully for a better purpose. I initially thought that I will blog next year and do the 365 kind-of-drama-blog-thing. But who am I kidding really? I can't wait! And even not many people visits my blog, I do this for my own joy and satisfaction =) What I have in my mind is basically, blogging about everything! From food, to fashion, maybe a little make-ups, pretty much from little to grand stuff. And touch of my personal life, motherhood, friendships, families and maybe shared stories I encountered on daily basis. Since my English is limited, I am going to confide a friend to teach me correcting some of my grammars so I can learn more with my journey blog. Hope she'd say yes! Already, this is all my intro's for now. While I begun gathering ideas and experiences to share....soon!