Thursday, December 10, 2009


~~One of my loving, sweetest friend Joy and his family
gives Ozzie a gift every christmas, actually
she sent me gifts every year, never fail to sends
me card on my birthday, and its just warms my heart everytime :)

she is one of the kindest people i know,
we both have been through a lot in life,
and I am super happy for her, because
she has been blessed with a wonderful family in England :)

Thank you guys for all the love, support and prayers.
And joy, I really appreciate your calls everytime
and even I wasn't able to answer it many times,
thanks for letting me know that you're always
there for me...

I have been blessed with great friends.
I am so grateful to God for all the wonderful people
in my life :)


Ozzie loves your gift, check out the photos!(below)
fits him perfectly :)
we love your family photo,
and the beautiful christmas card...especially
the message inside :)

Please notice in Ozzie's pictures--
he looks likes he is giving you guys

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The Gift Number 1 (baby gap shirt)


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The Gift (part2)


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what is your name?

Monday, December 7, 2009


~~ summer, Ozzie loves corn so much,
he can eat corn everyday,
and when can you get a super sweet corn
of course, in summer time!


we had this video last summer
when my sister, my nephew benya and his brother
came to visit us,and their summer vacay also in this vids you'll
see my hubby, my step-daughter rackie, laughing
so hard because of our little guy
who was soooo sleepy-head but soooo determined to
finish his corn :)


(a little dark though.)


~~ here's a VIDEO of ozzie pretending
that he was doing a pretty cool skateboard tricks ha hah..
with me all out support.. he was so funny,
we were lauging the whole time,
but this was the most decent shot i got..


~~ he loves to play with his dad's skateboard
jeff just bought one for him,
i'll get that next time...
and i love taking his pics of course,
check out the video!
just for fun :)

sorry about the "diaper-outfit" he was looking
at himself in the mirror (from the entertainment center)
and got so excited to try on his spongebob helmet that his dad
bought for him, thought its so cute :)


~~ my hubby is soooooooooo into skateboard these days.
it gotten a little crazy actually....though he was telling
me its for a display or something..whatever!
though gotta be honest, some of the board is so awesome
and just so cool-looking-- but yah know,its money,
but i see it in a way that it really goes high in price
every year, like if you are a collector, somehow,
like 10 yrs from now...all these boards, will going to be more valuable.
Especialle the 'girls' or some certain designs.
Yah know how vintage works?
kinda same thing in skatboard...oh well, I guess...
well at least that's how my hubby explain it to me,
with some proof from
but it all depends on what year, if its limited edition
or even designs..

here are some of his collection.
my fave is the horse one, ozzie like to see
that whales or dolphins (am not sure)
though it bugs me that the poor little puppy is inside it's mouth..
see what yah think?
the guitars are pretty cool too :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


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On One Snowy Day with my baby...

~~ I am super blessed having such a Happy, healthy Son..
yesterday, I caught Ozzie enjoying the view
from our living room window, I love any big windows,
and he is so happy watching the snow from outside,
tell yah, its contagious...
i got my camera and luckily got some good shot
which of course added to my happiness...

he is so loving and he always makes me smile,
even melts my heart with his little surprises here and there..
like some new expressions, new dance move, new words..
and random hugs and kisses...

today he's been sayin' a lot of "oso", from
disney's "agent ozo"...and he started sayin' "two",
when you asked him "how old are you?"..

so cute, i think its important to take note
all the moments like this, time flies,
the next thing you know, they'll be big and they will
tell you what to do ha hah..

oh, what an Amazing Love :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


~~ we had a good time in Ohio,
my sister in law, Gigi, and her husband Dan
prepared a really good
thanksgiving dinner and some good wine,
any holiday is not complete without wine.. ha hah.
and we are all grateful and very appreciative about that..
Thank you so much to everyone who always of course
ever so sweet when we go there for a visit..
To Gigi, Dan, Mike, Jessie and Matt..thanks guys!

Jessie & Ozzie

~~ Jessie (short for Jessica) is Ozzie's cousin,
she's just so very sweet to Ozzie the whole time
we were there, she even played with ozzie so I can
enjoy my dinner, thats after she has done with hers.
And ozzie just loved her and laugh the whole time...
thanks Jess...hope to see you again soon,
and I'll make sure you have your copies of all
these pictures for keepsake...

Grammie & Ozzie

~~ after not seeing my mom-in-law
for a month, its a little different
to see her in her condition, but we are
so grateful to my sister & brother in law
who has been taking good care of her very well...

On Our Way to Ohio......

~ here are my hubby and son's pictures..
its about 9-10 hours drive,and men oh men!
jeff bought the gps just for this trip,
but decided to keep it coz we found it
pretty cool, ha hah.
he is so smart with direction, he doesn't
even need it but since he hasn't been to Ohio
for so long, he remember driving around the city
for 2 hours (that was 10 yrs ago) because he couldn't
find his sister's house, they lived in a very
nice country like location..

gps, made our trip quite easy and really
hassle-free as you don't have to take a look
with printed maps everytime :)

and ozzie is so amazingly good the whole trip,
even going back, my back pack is totally
full of snacks and food for him because
that's the way to calm him down...
if he is having a tantrums...or bored?
and i brought all his movies and CD's..
and I didn't even use it :)

Our Late Thanksgiving (or Turkey Day!)

~ we originally plan to have our Thanksgiving
here in our lovely home and have planned to
invite our family friend, but last minute
we have changed it because of mom's condition..
and what is the best way to celebrate holiday
but of course with family...

so me & my hubby with ozzie decided to go to Ohio
to spend the holiday with family which turned out
to be great...

but we have bought our turkey already, and just left
it frozen in the fridge, when we got back
we cooked it, and just have a thanksgiving Part
we normally brine it in wine and broth for 12-24 hours and it
was really good :)

you'll see my hubby jeff who of course the chef,
making his famous gravy from scratch (turkey fats)
and i made some easy side dishes...
seasoned corn & pasta.
and jeff made good stuffings too.YUM.

what you do with left-over turkey??

Breakfast? yep, i made it for my breakfast,
i am not a big fan of sandwich, seriously,
i am more a rice person, a born super proud
pinay who yes, eats rice for breakfast, lunch
and dinner...:)

but after watching bobby flay making this
super fab sandwich out of left-over turkey,
i felt hungry..and the heck, I will try that!
and i did :)

pretty yum.