Tuesday, April 8, 2008

....most likely to be a m-o-d-e-l?

Why not???

~My First "Trick or Treat" ~ And yes! I was ELMO (dad's idea!)

" My very first favourite colour is Red, why? hey, what Not to like about red huh?"
My mommy thinks ( and have learn from someone) that it is a color of Love"...

Mommy and Me on My First Halloween :-)

It was a fun day, Ozzie's First Halloween, although we ended up staying at home and happily handed out the candies to so-cute-so-cool kids, so much fun to see them wearing different costumes! Ozzie was only 4 months then, so no biggie anywayzzz...The fun part was him wearing that "Elmo costume", while I let him hold the basket of candies and hand it to those adorable kids. It was so funny after I have put on that costume on him, he can't stop staring at himself (his arms, his legs) coz its "bright red" and yah know how baby's reacts and fascinated about bright colors...so adorable!

Mommy, Ozzie and Terrarushky :-)