Friday, September 11, 2009

Ozzie Plays Harmonica

Here is the video of Ozzie, playing harmonica, Mike, his Godfather taught him how to play it..and surprisingly got the idea in a few minutes..its so much fun to watch them and a special THANKS to Mike for his sweetness and thoughtfullness to Ozzie at all times.. (from me & jeff)

If anybody want to read more about that amazing night,
Mike wrote a very beautiful post about it..
visit Mike's blog :

Ozzie and Mike

~ i have taken this picture
when Mike came to visit us
in Twin Lakes, it was nice of him
to take the boys ( my nephew Benyamin & his brother Josef)
to Miller Brewing factory in Milwaukee that day..
before they left, I took a quick picture of him and Ozzie...

Ozzie was in the good mood too, as if he knows Mike really well,
they bonded right away and Ozzie do some funny stuff in front of him..
I am happy the picture
turned out good, you'll get your copy Mike soon...

MIke (ozzie's godfather)shows Ozzie how to Play Harmonica

~ here is when Mike sweetly shows Ozzie
how to play the harmonica..
it was really a great night..
being with the family and ozzie
is such a good entertainer..