Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On St. Patrick's Day

~~ you'll see in the picture how much we love
the St. Patrick's Day ha hah!
yup, coz of the yummy cakes!

we are lucky to have friends who are so generous!
and that's are great neighbors/friends Nel and Al
They didn't brought just one cake,and yup again,
two delicious cakes!

ok, the chocolate cake, or more on fudgy brownies,
was brought 5 days before St. Pat's day and Nel
and I, just made fun putting a candle on it
and sing "hapi ert day" (happy birthday) for Oz.
Coz Ozzie loves singing and do that blow-the-candles thingie.

The oh-so-gorgeous flowerie cake, they brought it on St. Pat's Day,
they also brought some ribs (smoked by my hubby), addition to our yummy dinner,
and the traditional corn beef,cabbage and potatoes were of course the star meals.
(sorry no picture)

That weekend of St. Patty's, Nel & Al were generous enough with their
time to take us to St. Pat's parade in our town, hmmm..not much
exciting with that, but we took Ozzie to the park and what a fun that was!
especially to Ozzie, don't you love friends who loves your kid..blessing!

So this year, our St. Patty's day (or week) was extra-special
because of our special friends who we celebrated it with!
Thanks Nel & Al, let's do it again next year, greener than ever! :)

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On Valentine's Day

~~ we didn't do any special things on Heart's Day,
we just decided to wear Red,exchanged cards
and took a few pictures for remembrances.

~~ and oh, of course THANKS AND LOVE to hubby for a very
nice ruby ring he gave me,fabulous! and two cards,
he can't decide which one he'll get for me so he did
get both. And also BIG THANKS to my friend Nel, who
gave me a beautiful Valentine's card with a very
lovely messages inside...

~~ Its also so much fun to celebrate it with
our little guy Ozzie and that night we went to have
dinner in our Fave Buffet place in Rockford
with our friends Nel & Al...

Then we just called it "our date night for February"...
OMG. we are not sure if we are able to continue this
date-night thingie, scheds are prety tight and so is
our budget...anyway...our healthy marriage is
what really matters. Date night is just to spice
our marriage a bit, with or without it...
we're stayin' as fabulous as ever...!


Saturday, March 27, 2010


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~~ I am soooo beyond Happy the first day
I heard from my mother in law that we have
a Filipino neighbor, I didn't get a chance to meet
her right away, but when I met her...I am so excited,
especially when I found out that we have a lot of things
in common, she's so funny and smart...

Her name is Marinel, but she like me to call her Nel.
And I like that.

Ok, Nel has a friend name Lorievic. (we call her Vic)
So Nel introduce me to Vic, then Vic introduced us to May...

Ha hah. I know, anyway, now not only one,
but I have 3 new good Pinay friends...
how cool is that?

So we set the day to hang out and meet
and of course have a good time!

Just check out the pictures for the proof
of undeniably fun times!


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~ Two of my bestfriends here in States are
Flor and Jonah, we've known each other
for 5 years, our friendship grows and
we all have created a very strong foundation
and became each other's strenght at all times...

we don't get to see each other that much,
we all have different schedules and lifestyle,
but one thing si for sure, when we get the
chance to hang out...we know how to have fun!

that day that we finally got a chance to got together,
we had lunch, just a simple Filipino meal,
tinolang manok w/white rice, and I just made a macaroni
and cheese and cupcakes for the kids, and Flor
brought some siopao for our snacks.

after lunch, we of course have to sing in videoke,
Filipino party, KARAOKE/VIDEOKE is a must,
party is not seem complete without singing,
and also I have to mention, talent doesn't really necessary,
as long as you know the song, you've got some groove,
you're good to go!

that was so much fun!I can't wait for it
to happen again and I miss you both so badly!


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Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet my Little Professor...

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~~NEL & AL ~~

~ Jeff and I normally go to one of our
Friend's Super Bowl Party, but this year
we just decided to just to stay home
and invited one of our couple friends.

I am so happy that I met Nel.
My friend Nel is also from the Philippines.

And she has a very cool husband name Alan.

All of us get along so well and we hang out a lot,
well at least Jeff and Alan, nowadays,
I still see Nel here and there but I have somewhat,
busy schedule so it doesn't happen as much as I want to...

anyway, so the super bowl (though
i know it was almost 2 months ago)
turned out to be really cool and fun!

we don't even need a big crowd coz
alan himself when he got excited as if he carried a one whole
town ha hah, peace out al, though I know
he doesn't even know about my blog ha hah.

yup, definitely gonna do it again, next year

Our Date Night...

~ Okay, I got the idea when I was watching one of
Oprah's episode, that really, a date night once
a month helps big time to kind of rekindle a couple's

we'll see about that.

okay, as I am writing this one, its actually
26th of March, since that january date night,
we honestly surprisingly found a way to have a date night.

though the February one, the considered date night was
Valentine's Day, that we actually celebrated with our
friends Nel & Al, and sorry no pictures, just a few ones
with our family, we all have worn red shirts as we celebrated
the heart's day!