Monday, April 13, 2009


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Ozzie taken @ Grammie's Deck (at Grammie's)

VIDEO --Ozzie & His First Easter Bunny given to him last Year 2008

This was Ozzie's First Easter Bunny, given to him last Year by Grammie,
that is why I mentioned it was the bunny's 1st Year Anniversary.
I don't want to take it home, but Grammie said, so he can play it,
its still looks brand new because it was well-kept in her (grammie) super clean

Grammie's Bunnies Collection

~ my mom-in-law loves to decorate every holiday,
and she does it so well. Here are some of her Bunnies
collection, some of it were really like more than 10 yrs old
but amazingly looks clean, and even look brand-new.
smells good too.

VIDEO -- Musical Card

~ Grammie bought this musical card for Ozzie
she supposed to give it to him on Easter Sunday
but she can't wait to see his reaction.
that was a cute card.

Ozzie & The Easter Musical Card he got from Grammie

Grammie & Ozzie

Easter Lamb Cake

Mom Decorating the Easter Lamb Cake

~ that's my mom-in-law showing me how to decorate
the Easter Lamb Cake, she bake the pound cake
ahead of time, then she waited for me to get there
so she can show me, how easy it is to decorate.
we don't have the jelly beans, that what she normally use
but the candy mint worked just fine. i think its pretty :)

The Family that colors the Easter Eggs Together STays Together-- Forever :)

~ this is the first time that I did the easter egg coloring,
that was really a lot of fun as a family activity,
jeff is so into it, and tells a lot of fun stories
when they were little, and a lot of memories of his dad.
its always like a music to my ears hearing him telling
a childhood stories and fun times.
ozzie like it for the forst 10 minutes, then he would
rather chased terra around the house and played
with his easter "plastic" eggs.
this activity is totally higly recommended
for ANYBODY of ANY AGE on Easter or whenever, you guys must try this!
super fun!

hANGING out while we were waiting for the Eggs to Dry

~ it takes a few minutes to let it soak, let it dry
before you make another batches. but its all worth waiting :)
fun!fun!fun! (ozzie doesn't feel well here, but he's happy
chillin' w/ dada)

THE FINISHED PRODUCT-- "The Reyes & Neman Family-- My Super Loving Family

~ And of course I made one for my Family.
It says:
khel <3 Jeff
Tita Esmie
Tito Gabby

THE FINISHed PRODUCT -- "The Gorman & Smith Family"


- WE made two baskets of eggs for US
and the other is for my mom-in-law
and the other big one is basket
full of goodies for our little guy.
I didn't have enough money to make
a personal basket for jeff & mom,
hopefully next this one
for now. I think its pretty all together.LOL

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More POst Next time About Our Easter :)

- well, its already past midnight,
i wanted to post more about our activities,
but am pretty tired, so i'll do it next time,
pag sinipag... LOL

I really had a fun Easter this year.
And that's all because of my precious Ozzie.

jeff was totally inspired coloring the eggs.
and that was the first time i did color the eggs
on easter eve. it was fun!

Ozzie broke one, and terra ate it. and that was fun to watch too!
I am grateful we made it to church On Sunday, as a family.
Ozzie was behave for the first 15 min. once he heard the
praising song, he wanted to go down and check where all the music
came from. Then he had his crawling-attack.Like he would rather
crawl and crawl than a normal walk. argh!
jeff is mostly in charge if we are in public-eye.
though of course, we are always a team :)

Then we were able to have lunch and meet my mom-in-law at the resto
then headed to her house for ozzie to see all his presents
and also spent a little time with Grammie.

I will post some neat stuff at my mom-in-law's house time.

So that's all for now. You guys rocks!

Love to all--- <3

On Our Way to Easter Egg Hunt In Twin Lakes

- this is how he looks like and his mood was when we were on our way
Annual Easter Egg Hunt here in Twin Lakes.

This is Ozzie's First Easter Egg hunt, he wasn't feel good that day,
he had a cold, and runny nose. But it was a sunny day, so we thought
it would be fun. And it was, I don't think he knows exactly what is going on,
because he keeps putting back the eggs on the ground.LOL. So they basically
stayed in one place, and that was it. It was very quick and in minutes the
eggs were all gone. It was crowded. But all in all, it was a great day!

Ozzie & Daddy having so much Fun :)


- HONESTLY, ozzie doesn't seem to care,
he was not so happy to see the easter bunny,
well, first, he is not wearing red.
Ozzie likes anything REd.
Can you imagine if he see Elmo in person?
He tried to touched him, but he probably think,
he was ok.then off we go!at least we got the pic,
hopefully next year will be so much better.

- i was trying to put on his hood because it was windy,
but ozzie had his both hands with easter egg,
and it hasn't even started yet. I dunno if that's legal. heheh.
well, he was not disqualified, thank God :)LOL

- you guys notice that little girl wearing a pink coat?
isn't she cute? love the smile....

the show is not complete without the drama of course!

5 lUCkY eGGS :)

- he didn't get much, it was originally 8 but i think
he put some in someone else's basket and some he put
it back on the ground and some kids just grabbed it.LOL
no big deal. I mean. what really is inside, c'mmon.
sweet nothing. LOL.
but i appreciate that at least they did something
like this for the kids in the community..cheers!


- jeff looks like he just got out of bed, and he was!
it was 8pm when we had dinner. i don't know.
seriously, sometimes time flies just like that.
i had a little problem with the dinner coz i forgot
to turn the timer on and corn beef usually takes more
than an hour to cook (in pressure cooker)
and i just totally forgot how long it has been
cooking...but everything turned out fine.
but this picture shows that we already having the cake:)
you see my little guy there,yup, he thinks that
my cake taste good, i can say,its edible ...LOL

The Cake

- I first made it with "jeff" on it
but that didn't sound too special to me :)
so i thought why not change it to "LOVE"..
there you go!
just because i personally made it with love..
though it wasn't look that fabulous...oh well, so what!boo-hoo!
its always the sweet thought that counts.
am i right ladies???

Birthday Dinner (something simple)

- since his birthday was on monday, we all decided
to celebrate it on weekends. but i just thought
i bake him a cake and just prepare a simple dinner.
nothing really fancy. it turned out ok i guess :)
corn beef, cabbage & potato


PICTURE WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER . (oh well, i think :)