Friday, September 26, 2008




GOLF DAY! (mom & son) ~ Kala mo talaga mga pro eh!

~Short VIDEO!~ Ozzie ~ Wisconsin Dells Vacay

* he actually got scared at first, kse naman sigawan

ang mga nilalang, mas natakot pa sya sa ingay

than the wave itself~sus, iyak puknat,

then after a few minutes, he figured out~

you suppose to scream and have fun anywayz...

and there he was~ enjoyin' him self to the max!


This is the ~ Poseidon's Rage in Mt. Olympus ~

Poseidon's Rage - One of the world's largest surf pools. Poseidon's Rage unleashes wave after towering wave - up to 9 feet tall! Every 90 seconds brings a new wall of water ... and another chance for you to discover water-rushing, board-whirling exhilaration like nothing else in the Dells.

Ozzie and his Tita Esmie dancing :) (super fun day!)

* we stayed with my mom-in-law (me,sis,oz &benya)

and we just kinda hanging out that afternoon

and we had the best entertainer of course!

~VIDEO!~ Motocross @ Lake County Fair

~VIDEO!~Jeff teaching Benyamin ~ ( mentor ang drama ng lolo!baril-barilan!))

Oh yeah! Lahi kami ng mga gwapingzzz!!!

Now we're groovin'!~

Boring daw kami :)

Agian, "what are you lookin' at look " (lmao)

And...what are you lookin' at ???? (astig! look!)

at gusto naman ng byenan ko nakadisplay ang kanyang
fabulous na mga binti (lol)

Have you seen little red riding hood??? Oh my~ oh my~

Happy Birthday Benya Part 3 (the cake & gift~best part of the day :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Benya part 2 ~late afternoon agenda >> Lake County Fair>> watch a motocross race ! awesome!


Happy 12th Birthday Benya! (afternoon agenda>>>bowling !>>!)

It's Benyamin's birthday!(my handsome nephew
from Denmark)

A friend of us brought us to bowling

place after lunch~ fun!fun! day:)

Monday, September 22, 2008

what age do you act?

You Act Like You Are 23 Years Old

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The world is full of possibilities, and you can't wait to explore many of them.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Calder ( ang gwapo kong inaanak)

Here's the picture of my cute inaanak,
si Baby Calder Rhys! British yan ha! LOL
i just love that pic na naka-chinese outfit
sya~ super cute diba??
and of course there's Joy and David,
1st runner up ~ one of the sweetest couple ever~
So love the view guys!!!
Love you Calder :)
~kisses from Ninang

Baby Aidan :)

I met two of my wonderful friends
sa Thailand, si Ikit at si Amar
(gusto naman tunog pam-pelikula!)
way back year of 2001 (tanda na tayou grava!)
Sila ang pinaka-super una kong
nakilala at naging friends sa thailand..
and gotta admit, one of the sweetest couple ever~
second runner up na lang ah!
kse baka selos na naman si malditang joy :) LOL
and this year dumating
ang the best blessing for them~
their lovely son Aidan,
can't believe na ang laki na nya,
here's his super cute na pix
(esp, yung natutulog~ sino ba naman
di mapapa-awwweeeeee :)
kakatunaw ng heart diba!
na padala ni mommy ikit :)
'kit, di ko ma-upload yung vidz (kainis!)
so sa pic na lang ako bumawi ha!
thanks po...
love you Aidan~
kisses from tita khel~


Believe that life
is worth living
and your belief will
help create the fact.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trip to Ohio last May (2008) ~(weekend vacay)


Ozzie and his sister Rackie ( sa Ohio) ~sweeeet~

Jessie (oz's cousin) and Ozzie

I found Old pictures and Videos ~~ Yahhhooooo!!!!!~~

Hey there :)

i usually saved all the pictures and videos in my computer :) but for some reason, di ko makita yung iba, last night i accidentally found!!! yung mga pix and vids na 'to, eh medyo-medya matagal na, like when si oz eh between 6-9 months, mga ganon:) so hope you mga kaibigan eh super enjoy lang ha:) as usual, para sa vid eh i-pause na lang po ang playlist ni lola ( sa kanan na sya ngayon!i'm yours!) ng marinig nyo ang nagmamagandang englesshhh englessh ni lola ( na mali-mali naman LOL) well, masama ba magmagaling~ ah~huh :) oh sya, have fun !!!!!!

Videoke~ Emote~ Part II

someone loves mcDonald :)

we haven't given him any burger or something ginormous
from McDo (yet), but he absolutely loves the fries &
pancakes..there's nothing really inside of
that plastic cup, just ice, yun lang :)

and he thinks that was funny
and much of a big deal :)
ako naman eh si ~picture~picture~
captured the moment~~(ang drama ni inay!)

di ba mukhang "let us pray" ~look!

wala magawa :)

And yes he loves boxes....

it was a great day :)
we had fun, tuwang-tuwa naman sya
na nasa loob sya ng box:)
ang cute diba?
and yes, i still put him in
the box and give him
a nice trip around the house :)

and that big bins does work
pretty well too :)

that is, if i am in the mood,
the thing about motherhood
is just go with the flow,
sometimes we can't just control
them...why not join them then,
am i right mommies??

close-up :)

Ozzie and the sippy cup (bow!)

he started using a sippy cup here
but the truth is, he was actually using straw
when he turned 7 months,
by 9 months ayaw na nya ng bottle,

which of course nakapag-paligaya naman
sa akin…
although he still used bottle pag gising
nya sa umaga..until more than 12 months.

it was a lot easier, I was actually
surprise but I embrace it and take
it as a blessing :)

Where~oh , where~oh, where is shadow? (from big bear in the big blue house)

If you guys familiar with "big bear in the big blue house"
that is one of ozzie's fave kiddie program (addiction kamo!)
And shadow i think is pretty fascinating ( and strange sometimes)
just remind me when I saw Ozzie mesmerize with his own shadow!
thank God, love that sun coming in our house
every morning :)
I am soo alive !!!!!!!!:)

Ozzie had measles :( (pero cute pa rin diba?) LOL

Yup, that scare the crap out of me :)
he was fine though,
he had fever for a few days.
he look so strange but he plays, laughs
and do normal stuff...
di sya naging matamlay or anything.
yun nga lang kakaiba talaga yung skin nya :)

but he still cute no matter what :)

Ozzie's 1st easter and he also turned 9 months :)

he turned 9 months on Easter day :)
(oh well, 8 months and 27 days to be exact LOL
Thanks sa aking journal of course :)
Kaya po may cake 
I used to baked cake every month before he turned one year old
(gusto ko naman paulit-ulit~kulit ;))
Just simply being grateful na super healthy sya and siyempre
he is the best gift to us :) to me especially :)
kaya lang may mga na-miss akong months na for some
reason eh wala akong picture :(
oh well, life must go on :)
or the show must go on :)
or whatever LOL

Ozzie turned 7 months here :) (thanks for the outfit Joy:))

Like what I mention sa previous post ko eh
I baked cakes for my baby almost every month
Bago sya mag-one year.

Pero siyempre hanggang icing pa lang muna sya
(at that time!) ngayon eh, bigay mo ang isang
buong cake~ he’ll embrace with a gigantic smile 