Saturday, March 27, 2010


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~~ I am soooo beyond Happy the first day
I heard from my mother in law that we have
a Filipino neighbor, I didn't get a chance to meet
her right away, but when I met her...I am so excited,
especially when I found out that we have a lot of things
in common, she's so funny and smart...

Her name is Marinel, but she like me to call her Nel.
And I like that.

Ok, Nel has a friend name Lorievic. (we call her Vic)
So Nel introduce me to Vic, then Vic introduced us to May...

Ha hah. I know, anyway, now not only one,
but I have 3 new good Pinay friends...
how cool is that?

So we set the day to hang out and meet
and of course have a good time!

Just check out the pictures for the proof
of undeniably fun times!

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