Monday, September 30, 2013




This place has been a very comforting zone for me. In many ways.

I kind of owe it to a friend who introduced me to countless benefits

just for signing up. Its all free, and the rental days goes in about a week

for DVD's, Blu-Rays and 2 weeks for books etc.

Can't beat that, though you must pay $1 if you missed to return it on time.


Today, I decided to signed up for voluntary work. They not seem to need

anyone as of this moment but due to approaching holidays they normally

kept the names of people on file, in case they may need a set of hands

on busy times.


Back being my comfort zone, there were times that I just want to go somewhere.

Not in store. Nor to spend money. Just some place.

What can be a better place than Library.

I love going to Adoration Chapel too. And I still do.

Its just here, has nothing to do with spirituality,

just a space that allows me to be alone with my thought, be in a quiet place,

that everyone respects everyone. (by being quiet of course lol)


Totally I Heart my McHenry Library.


HIGHLIGHTS:  * Its another gorgeous day in McHenry!

                           * Met Kelli, from our bank that explains well about my account.

                           * Did not over-eat today.

                           * Finally done reading Fifty Shades. (And left me hangin'. Argh.)

                           * Rachael Ray and her easy-to-follow-recipes.


LOW's :  * Oz left his folder who knows where.

               * Had a little meltdown about frustration being unemployed.




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