Sunday, September 29, 2013


SEPT. 27, 2013

Normal mommy morning. Ozzie off to school while me, headed to Adoration Chapel and have attended a mass today. Its gorgeous out. As everyone talks about it. Two more days embracing a warm weather. In the 80's on September. Pretty cool =)

I have always had mixed emotions every time I have too long waiting hours on pace bus. Thank God I have a friend, thanks Ate J's! For forever my 1-800 dial a friend kind of bestie to me! Truly, gratefully appreciates it more than you know! Home and realized I do have a more than an hour to soaked my self to continue reading Fifty Shades. Hah! And so I did and locked myself into thought of this enduring story.

Until Ozzie gets home. Been busy with Sky. Trimming her nails. Pulling every bit of my strength as I gave her a bath. Darn she gotten so big in a year! Evening ends as I enjoyed a lovely conversation with Ate J's.

HIGHLIGHTS: seeing Glady's at Church bookstore and she gave me info's about therapy that might help Ozzie with his behavior.

LOW's: struggling mixed emotions having Sky (our wild yet super smart Labrador puppy) will be staying up here on the upper side of the house. (hate the maintenance of having a huge, too-much-hair-shedding-dog but love her though!)

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